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Tips For Making The Most Out Of Employment Agencies

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If you are searching for a job, you probably want to be sure that you look at all of your options. This will likely mean going to career fairs and employer meet-ups, as well as using employment agencies. Here are some tips for being sure that you use employment agencies as effectively as possible.

1. Sign Up With Multiple Agencies and Let Each Agency Know It

Your first step is to sign up with and submit your resume to as many employment agencies as possible in your area. This will allow you to make sure that you cover as much ground and as many employers as possible, increasing the chances that you find a position. Next, be sure that you tell each of the employment agencies that you are working with a number of different agencies. This will cause any agent that has been assigned your resume to work harder. Every agent gets paid a small percentage of the hourly wage that you earn when you work for an actual employer that they have set you with. If another agency manages to place you first, your agents at other companies will not be able to get that money. Your agents will therefore move your resume up to the top of their piles in order to try to get you placed as quickly as possible.

2. Follow Up With Your Agencies

Set a schedule where you call your agencies once a week and ask how they are progressing and whether or not they have heard any feedback about  your resume. This will allow you to get valuable information from potential employers about your resume, as well as allow you to show the agency that you truly care about landing a position and will work hard in that position.

Whenever you submit a resume to an agency for the first time and don't hear anything back, make sure that you call the agency to be certain that they actually received your resume.

3. Take and Follow Agencies' Resume Advice

The agencies that you work with are resume professionals. If they tell you to change your resume, make a copy of your original resume and save it. Then, make the changes to the second copy. This will allow you to keep multiple versions of your resume on file to send to the appropriate employer whenever you need to.

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